About B4B

We define ourselves as a creator of business ventures based on advanced telecommunication and IT technologies. We are interested in those commercial sectors, which measure one’s success by his ability to implement advanced, high quality information processing and telecommunication systems. We believe that financial services, telecommunications and advertising are just such sectors, which we then see as the future of our customers and ourselves.

Over the last five years we have operated in a growing team of project managers, system designers, programmers and business consultants. Our accumulated experience allows us to undertake projects of an ever-increasing scale and complexity. We can satisfy their quality requirements by applying a quality management system certified as conforming to ISO 9001:2000.

However, the true measure of our success it the satisfaction of our clients who like and appreciate the mix of creativity and hard work demonstrated by our team at all stages of our projects.

B4B Sp. z o.o.    81-771 Sopot, ul. Grunwaldzka 59     http://www.b4b.net.pl
phone: (+48 58) 555 22 37     faks: (+48 58) 555 22 39     e-mail: biuro@b4b.net.pl